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Framing all the Psalm 23 pieces, 118 in total, it’s a lot. They look great though. And have made some important decisions regarding Cambodia, and where to do the Compassions now everywhere is locked down.


The 118 pieces of Psalm 23 are drying and Bird is chirping around wondering what to do… as well as painting the 118 backboards of the 118 frames.

28th January 2020. This is one beautiful painting.

Proverb 22:2. Oil on hand cut panel.

And here’s how it was made, Lyrical Abstraction technique. Devised by the artist.

Whilst the 118 piece Psalm 23 slowly dries…

Thursday 16th Jan 2020, in-depth work on the piece, now almost complete, Bird talks about the meanings, as art, and as a system of change.

Wednesday 15th Jan 2020, Painting kicks off…

Sunday 12th Jan 2020, Bird share thoughts and understandings whilst painting the 118 piece painting ‘Psalm 23.’

The paints used in this process are Michael Harding hand made oils, generally accepted as being the best oil paints in the World. The Lapis Lazuli blue is the height of regality, the cobalt violet light, the blood and flame. 

Stage seven: Continuous painting, the Word becomes flesh, in art terms, lyrical abstraction. Beautiful words from beautiful Spirit become a visual aesthetic of abstracted beauty. The essence is constant, the form, transformed. 

Stage six: The Word blends with the life of humanity. In deep oil… Jan 12th… 

Stage five: The light shines in the darkness. The Word comes to Earth. The restorer of souls, leader of paths, the comforter, Saviour. Not always understood. The scripture is written in oil pastel, and soon, layered over with thick oil paint.

Stage four: The fall. Darkness. The paints used in this stage are Valspar gloss, a colour called Epic Adventure. And indeed, humanity is having an epic adventure, with or without God.

Stage Three: Three base coats of white. Symbolising the original purity and perfection of creation.

Stage Two: Arranged in the studio. Some fit easily into place, some need a little convincing, ultimately all come together to create a cohesive peace. The last bears the instructions.

Stage One: Creating the pieces. 118, one for each word in Psalm 23.

It started with a carpenter.

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