Ever wanted to save a life?

Hi, my name’s Bird, and this is a Humanitarian Intervention Art project called…


Ever wondered what it feels like to save a life? Would you like to find out?

Last year, 2019, I saved someone’s life, in Cambodia, and it changed my own. This year I’d like to do it again, and I’m personally inviting 100 businesses and individuals to join me. The Compassions project is intended to change lives, and save lives. It may also change yours. I’m also making a book and documentary of this process.

You’ll experience collectively reaching out across the World and changing, transforming, perhaps saving, the lives of fellow human beings. A uniquely powerful and life changing process for all involved.

You’ll also receive a physical artwork. These are drawings, paintings, and artists books, you can see some examples below. You can choose how much you wish to spend. Half the money will be used to action a series of life changing interventions, Compassions, in Cambodia, where the opportunities for transformation are limitless.

  1. Take a moment to Register below.
  2. Once confirmed, your artwork will be sent.
  3. Once you’ve received the artwork and you love it, please pay the agreed amount. (If you decide you don’t like it, you can return it.)
  4. Half the money goes into the Compassions fund.
  5. Before I go to Cambodia you’ll be invited to join a WhatsApp group.
  6. The group will receive real time documentation and footage of the journey, helping decide who to help and how, and helping make decisions that will change lives. 

An interactive journey to explore what it means to save a life. Raising important questions, perhaps providing some answers, exploring the morality and ethics of helping people. To heal, and change lives. To be part of something life changing.

Some of the funds will be used to help women and children in prison in Cambodia. These images are from the 2019 Compassions journey.

Change a life. Change the World. Life changing art.

Your registration will be confirmed before artworks are sent and you only pay for the artwork once received and impressed.

Here’s what a £10 artwork looks like:

An original drawing, like these, on the front of a postcard. I had some printed to take to Cambodia in 2019, the aim being to give them to street children who could create their own designs on the front and sell them. I left half the cards in the UK. £10 buys one of these postcards. Posted, of course. And £5 goes into the Compassions fund.

Here’s what a £50 artwork looks like:

One of the A4 hardback books from the Compassions 2019 journey. Limited edition of just 50 printed copies. 164 pages. Signed, personalised. Strange and fascinating. It includes artworks from when I was a street artist back in 2008, and before. Plus you also get an original postcard drawing. See more about the Compassions Book. And £25 goes to the Compassions fund.

Here’s what a £150 artwork might look like:

A Lucky Dip piece of history. Perhaps a life drawing from ten years ago or a piece of street art that made it back from the streets, or an oil painting on the cover of a magazine… I’ve got a lot of work stashed away from the last 15 years. The artwork /s will be framed if required and ready to hang. And £75 goes into the fund. A bit of history and a change in someones future…

Here’s what a £300 artwork looks like:

A piece of the Psalm 23 painting, there’s 118 pieces in the big picture. 40 x 40 cm framed. They’re really cool, painted in Michael Harding hand made oils, (the best paints in the World), unique, very meaningful, each one is a word from Psalm 23, the word is written on the back. You can see more about the creation of this epic 118 piece painting here. There’s also some videos. Buy multiples if you like. They look great together. £150 goes into the fund.

Here’s what a £1000 artwork looks like:

This diptych is called Proverb 22:2, each piece is 60 x 60cm, you can see more about it here, it’s beautiful, and it’s still drying. If this artwork is unavailable, it’ll be something similar of an equally high quality. £500 goes into the fund.

Here’s what a £3000 artwork looks like:

Ah now we’re talking. What would you like? How about a customer made triptych, three pieces, like Proverb 22:2 as shown above, but bigger? The pieces fit together and can be hung as a whole, or three separates. Let’s call to discuss. Or you could buy a whole wall of the Psalm 23 singles, 12 of them together looks amazing. £1500 goes into the fund.

Here’s what a £5000 artwork looks like:

Beautiful, that’s what. Again, let’s talk, maybe I could see the space it’s to go in. Or maybe you’d like something different, a portrait perhaps, something unusual. The jigsaws are my signature style though. Let’s go big. £2500 goes into the fund. Enough to transform a life.

Here’s what a £10,000 artwork looks like:

Epic. Legendary. Like it belongs in the Tate Modern. Beautiful and life changing. How big? Exactly. Let’s talk. £5000 goes into the fund. A World Changer.

In summary:

  • Art purchase; your choice,
  • Time commitment; a few minutes to register,
  • Participation; as much as you feel,
  • Experience; unique,
  • Outcome; transformed lives and extraordinary art.

Once you register I’ll be in touch, confirming which artwork you’d like, answering any questions, and confirming delivery address. There may be a exhibition happening, so perhaps your work will be sent after the exhibition… I’ll keep you posted. In any instance, you only need pay for the artworks once you’ve received them, and are happy, they’re on approval. I want to say thank you for participating in this project, it’s experimental, and real, and it will change lives. Maybe even your own.

Coronavirus update: Yes, there are cases of Coronavirus in Cambodia, as there are in the UK, and everywhere else right now. The journey is planned for October / November this year, I’m working on the assumption that the situation will have changed by then. I’ll keep you posted. For me, I’m willing to risk it, it’s part of the life / death reality of the process, but of course it also depends on the fights and global regulations and so on. We’ll see.

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