Abstracting scripture from word to image

I translate scripture into paintings, then paintings into action, the action of the scriptures intent.
In the beginning was the Word…

Painting title: Proverb 22:2. Oil on panel, over hand cut frame, created by the artist.

Painted using the artists ‘lyrical abstraction’ technique of transforming written words into visual beauty,

Proverb 22:2 “Rich and poor have this in common. The Lord is maker of them all.” The two verses of scripture form the two panels of the diptych. The verses are written on, in oil paint, and the painting begins. It’s an intense, dynamic action and process, perhaps two hours of continuous painting, it’s like a prayer. A really heartfelt prayer.

Beautiful thoughts become beautiful words become beautiful paintings become beautiful actions.

This painting is available for £1000, £500 of which is added to the collective Compassions fund. Please note, the painting is still drying and will not be available for delivery until after April 2020.

“This is proverb 22:2. It’s not a painting of the proverb, it is the proverb, translated and transformed into an abstracted visual aesthetic. Every time paint is applied, the verses are applied. It’s translated by transformation from beautiful words into a beautiful oil painting, yet the meaning remains unchanged.”

Bird Lovegod

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