Compassions is the artists book of the origin of humanitarian intervention art. 164 pages, beginning with his early revelatory street art, the concept and visionary idea is explored, questioned, and examined over the next decade, culminating in the journey to Cambodia in 2019, the compassions for the children in prisons, and concluding in the saving of a strangers life in a pre meditated but totally unplannable intervention.

“This isn’t art about life and death… This is Life and Death, as Art.”

“I’d say I developed this system and was the first to save a life as art and take credit for it, but in truth a far greater artist than me is responsible for this brilliance. He knows who he is.”

Bird Lovegod

The Good Deed Book 2011 / 2012

The artists book of 100 Good Deeds, mini humanitarian interventions, each one funded by the sale of an artwork, frequently the artwork was a copy of the evolving book. Editions were published at 20 Good Deeds, 40, 50, 60, until 100. This totally validated the system, and enabled the artist to explore the range of interventions possible, typically with budgets of around £10 or £20, sometimes just the artists time. For the final editions, the covers were hand painted, and the books themselves hand bound, sewn with wire.

It’s particularly interesting because it contains short essays and writings regarding humanitarian interventions art. Very prescient.

There’s also some examples of artworks, the FAB one is actually an A3 sized oil painted hardback cover of the book itself. The person commissioning it wanted something relating to summer.

The book also has a gallery of the artist’s street art, under various guises, dating from 2008.

And how it all began

Yearbook 2010 2011

The very first Good Deed as art is documented in the book the artist made of his first year at art school. Three Good Deeds in one were actioned and documented as self imposed penance for calling a fellow artists work ‘Souless’. From there came everything else.

Save a Life

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