Does art always have value?

writing about ‘art’ is challenging from the offset, for the simple reason of ‘art’ being a huge realm. So, talking about value, what do I mean? What is the value of a child’s drawing? Many fold… pleasure for the creative child, practice of their skills, experience of creation, the joy of the parent seeing it, the list goes on.

Does art always have value? I think it probably does. Firstly, for the artist. The value to them could be immense, healing, expression, self education, the satisfaction of it. Then, value for the audience. Those experiencing the art, looking at the painting, or sculpture or other work. Art is vital to culture, culture without art is barren, dead, indeed, is no ‘culture’ and certainly no civilisation. A handprint in a cave become a thing of great value to a distant and unimaginable future. Art, I believe, always has value. I cannot think of an exception.

Published by Bird Lovegod

Humanitarian Intervention Artist

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